Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All quiet for awhile. Heres whats going on, and ranting. Yay.

Well its been a busy time in the life of myself, moving recently, dealing with some issues, taking care of family and holding down a full-time job. It doesn't leave too much time in ones hands.

So now that things are seeming to organize, I'm redrawing my focus on my various projects. I'm moving on to a new method of game creation.

For the longest time I've been on the never ending hunt for the perfect game engine/lanuage. Its led me to stare blankly at how confusing C can be, lement in Basic's easy but limited uses(like over 10 years ago), freeware creation kits short comings, commercial kits prices and so on. Game Maker was my tool of choice for the last...4-5 years I believe. It did everything I needed and I could do just about anything I wanted. Sure there were limits and drawbacks, but at the time it was not an issue.

Sometimes limits can be part of the fun. I had work with Mo Mini's studio to plan on making cellphone games, but that engine is still pretty young and needs a little more work in its overall layout and methods. It did present me with some interesting notions I now hold, getting the most out of limited space and memory. GM helped me understand some coding practices that were once foreign to me. Reading up on Object Oriented programming and proper use of types also helped.

So now that I'm moving on, I find myself, in a sense, starting back to were I began. Basic. The very first programing lanuage I started with when I was just 10-12(somewhere around there) was gwbasic, and later Quick Basic. I created a few games, finished one and later moved on to my engine hunt. So now I'm working with GLBasic.

At this time, I'm poor, so I only purchased the lite version. Also a lot of my past projects have been 2d, save for my ambitious and still planned The Crawl game/creator.

However, a nice plus is that I'll be giving a shot at making hand-held games, specificly for the GP2x wiz, and open developement handheld device that can be compared to the GBAdance(first one) in looks, but runs linux and has many capabilities that match PSP and DS. I want to do something for the iPhone, but until I can get the complete kit of GLBasic, and have money to setup an iPhone selling service, I'll be going cheaper routes. I've always been frugal and picky when committing to purchasing software and hardware. I've still been burned, but not as much as if I was more careless.

Another thing I hope to change is my solo method. Simply I did everything save for the engines. Made graphics, created scripts, stories, sound effects and so on. Except for music. I tended to use free samples from the web or requested music from some composers.

I have been kicking around the idea of creating some kind of business that connects various talents to create a project, all without binding them into a company. I feel that the independant movement, both in games, movies and other forms is the way to go, or at least something I wish to encourage.

I'm not talking about a networking site, or anything thats automated like those ones that are out there. I mean a business of creating products through the freelance and the talented. One thing I have noticed in life, is that there are a lot of jobs that want papers from college or schools to prove that you know how. I found that this is a load of crap. There are doctors, managers, lawyers, artist, directors, musicians, singers, so on and so on that have papers that say "I know how" but you know what? Its just a piece of paper that anyone can get with the right amount of money.

Money doesn't buy knowledge, cramming for tests doesn't make you remember. I found the best way to learn something is in practice and determination. Its sad that society is so focused on superficial issues to truely see what it needs to. Or at least the companies that hire based on paperwork. To their defense though, how else do you know if someone is any good? Or good to work with. A talented individual can be useful but also hard to deal with if they have a lot of ego, are controlling, greedy, and/or quick to surrender.

So there in lies the problem, even though it would be a much nicer world to work in if we weren't forced to buy our 'knowledge' and 'intelligence', until independants, freelance or what have you band together and push back against the big-box, we as a people will forever be oppressesd by the few.

Knowledge and talent can never be bought.

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