Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Back to business...

Well, after a few months of a strange mental journey, among other strange and tragic events...I've scrapped plans and started a new simpler project.

Using EDuke32, the Duke3d/build engine classic rendering and a combo of sprites and voxels.

This time, enemy/npcs will stick to sprites, leaving objects and items to be used as voxels.

The theme is sci-fi, so there will be ships of course, using voxel models.

So effectively Black Shadow 3d is a dead project now, but I could always hand off the resources to anyone interested in finishing the Duke3d version.  The second version was started in Evaldraw using the unreleased Build2 engine.  Code can be provided for anyone interested in that, but you'd have to contact Ken Silverman for use of the Build2 map editor/code or executable.

The project is currently code named OCD, a kind of joke on myself ;)

Things have been strange, but oh well.  I still enjoy indie game making.