Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Current Situation, state of progress

Things have taken new direction as of late. The recent progress in making The Crawl in voxel style has proven successful, although progress is slow.

Using Evaldraw as the base engine, there are limits but with limit sometimes comes benefits. Evaldraw is pretty fast, runs on a lot of systems and is pretty portable. Recently Ken Silverman, who created the program, added EXE creation support allows for quick play and all resources nicely packaged within.

So far The Crawl is the only project I'm making with Evaldraw, although I've have some other ideas...just not the time.

A nice thing about Evaldraw is that its pretty close to working with C, although it has built in support for basic drawing, image, audio and voxel models.  So once I've completed the engine for TC in Evaldraw I'll be attempting to write it in C++ using Voxlap.  Technically I'll only be using a part of the Voxlap engine, the KV6 display which uses bounded squares instead of cube rendering.  The benefit is its much faster, and using models instead of a terrain map(which is limited) allows for larger maps.

One other program I've been using which has been very useful to me is GLBasic.  I have been using it to convert a few of my Game Maker projects over to an actual language.  Its based on Basic but has the power of C and compiles C based executables allowing it to be ported to various devices.

Currently I have my number based puzzle game E vs. O setup, but it does need a few finishing touches.  Right now its designed for keyboard control, but I plan to change it to mouse/touch based interface.

Also mostly completed is the basics for Shield Breaker.  Although I still have some graphical and audio enhancements to make, the engine is nearly complete and runs nicely.  One drawback is that if you have a POS system with no openGL support it'll not work well at all.   Haven't tested it on a Mac OSX yet, but hopefully I'll do that soon.  I had tried before but forgot that FullScreen does not work on OSX.  The program will be killed if it trys.

Lastly are the tools for The Crawl, the map maker and image to voxel program.  I still need to update my GLBasic to the new version 8 so I can rewrite the image to voxel program.  New features include an image to array function which will allow me to get around the getpixel problem that occurs in some computers.  The map maker is going along well, but will need a face lift sometime in the end.  So far no plans in changing the map format, which is a good thing.